Meet the Team

The owners

Cyndee & David Reynolds. The owners of Real Bikes and the heart of the the shop. While David is the guru of "what crazy stuff can we do next", Cyndee is the warm soul of the shop.

The Manager

Carl Poleschner - the Shop Manager. Is everywhere and surely involved in every crazy stuff David is coming up with, and vise versa.

The lead mechanic

Eric Latimer Jr. - Service Manager
You wreck it, he fixes it. Tendency to suggest the crazy stuff.

The badass

Jane Fay Horton - At Real Bikes doing sales and not only a badass cyclist, but an artist and surfer at heart. Makes the best brownies and feeds everyone.

The other badass

Carla Boehme - Ex bike racer and badass extraordinaire. Now bringing in all her knowledge in sales in our shop. 

The occasional badass

Jenny Hornung - Part time sales and exile German.

Wizard crew

Mike Fish - More years on bikes than feet. Favorite answer: "sure, I can do that". Also builds custom furniture. Give him a stick and he'll build a bike from it.

Wizard crew

Julian Angus - I'm pretty sure he worked as a stuntman at some point.... Gives the best lectures on how to build bikes. But beware, you might die laughing while at it. And of course a kick ass tech.

Wizard crew

Don Pence - No project is too tricky. Bike enthusiast and fabulous tech. Also runs like a champ and gets nibbled on by little fishes when open water swimming.

Wizard crew - trike

Theron Miller - You say trike, you say Theron. Exceptionally gifted in all things trike. Adds the "silent but muddy" part to the crew.

Resident Rocket Scientist 

Al Bibbero - New to the team. Retired NASA engineer. Bike enthusiast.

It ain't rocket science....

Wizard crew - trike

Steve Manig - Also new to the team and together with Theron the 3 wheels specialist.